How was your recovery from CT surgery?
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What was your recovery from Carpal Tunnel Surgery like?

I had a CT release done 2.5 weeks ago, my stitches came out last Thursday. They had to do a fair amount of digging around as I had some pretty severe issues.

I am still in a lot of pain. Now, I have other pain issues, so I have been in chronic pain for years and I know that affects how your body deals with pain, but, this pain really seems excessive. The incision looks fairly good, other than one spot, and they are pretty sure an internal stitch popped in that spot.

How was your recovery, or the recovery of someone you know, and what should I do to get my strength and dexterity back?

thanks in advance.
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And, have you been (did you) using ice to reduce inflammation? You can expect a fair amount of swelling, even if you can't really see it, for about 6 weeks. I had two CT releases done and didn't ice nearly enough for the first one and I hurt for about four weeks. For the second I iced like crazy and had very little pain after the first week. YMM, of course, V.
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I had an owner's representative who had the surgery just before we met, and he was in constant pain throughout the project (about two months). He couldn't use his hand which limited him greatly as an architect. Plus he was scheduled to get the surgery on his non dominant hand/wrist in the future which he dreaded.
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I don't remember having much pain at all, but my surgery was pretty simple. I was instructed not to use my hand for a month and the one time I forgot, I did get a shooting "funny bone" like pain/shock through my wrist and forearm. After the month I was pretty much fine. This was like ten years ago, fwiw.
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I actually had very little pain with my surgery and had full use of my hand within a couple of weeks. I didn't ice it at all, but do remember having to keep it elevated for a couple of days. I was back at work on a computer the day after the stitches came out. I did have problems with the scar being uncomfortable for awhile. The coco butter the doctor suggested didn't seem to do anything, so I started rubbing it with raw onion, per suggestion of a friend whose grandfather was an herbalist. Believe it or not, it was better within a matter of days. But major pain? No.

Best of luck to you. I hope it gets better!
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Response by poster: Has the doctor given you pain meds? Are you taking them according to directions?

I'm back to just the standard pain meds I take on a daily basis, nothing additional.

I used ice a lot the first week, then stopped per doctor's instructions. I'm really wondering if I have just started using it way to early? I'm in a short weird hand brace/splint with a gel bad that covers the scar.

Plus he was scheduled to get the surgery on his non dominant hand/wrist in the future which he dreaded.

I am right there with him, I have to have my left hand done, as well.
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Wow. I was relatively fortunate to have known someone who waited to do it and he strongly encouraged me to get it done when it wasn't too bad. I lazed around for a couple-three days with a head full of pain meds, went back to a job that involved a ton of typing and had no problems.

This was about 20 years ago, for what that's worth, and nobody said anything about exercises to get my strength back, but I've had no problems.
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Response by poster: I was scheduled for the surgery twice prior to actually having it done (both canceled due to dealing with other much more important health issues.) My doctor told me that I had a damn bad case and should have had the surgery years ago.

So, to anyone who might land on this thread while surgery, if you need the surgery get it done sooner rather than later, this sucks.
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Response by poster: I am still recovering, very slowly from the CT surgery. Unfortunately I tend to encapsulated internal sutures in huge amounts of scar tissue so that is causing issues. Thank you for your help!
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