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What is Casualty Section as repeatedly referenced in the Wire?

Obviously it's a police department but what do they do and if it isn't obvious why is everyone incredulous that Pryzblewski was assigned there?
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My guess is it would be for police gunned down in the line of duty.
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Never mind, a bit of Googling suggests it is where injured officers go to do desk duty. I thought it might have been like a bereavement department or whatever.
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I believe they're referring to the Propery & Casualty Division. They handle insurance claims.
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Wait, no, I googled it and I think I was wrong - it doesn't look like police are ever assigned to such a bureau.
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I can't find that this has ever been addressed by Simon or anybody. It does not seem to be a real division of the Baltimore PD.

My best reading of the concept behind everyone's disgust is that it may be something like being a victim assistance officer -- a glorified social worker. In other words, nobody who should be transferred to an investigations unit.
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It's where he worked before he was put in the detail at the beginning of the series, and this thing on wikipedia says: Prez confesses to his father-in-law that his earlier problems had largely been due to dissatisfaction with his traffic police work. He tells him that detailed case work had become his passion and that he wants to continue to work major cases.
So, maybe it was something traffic-related or mundane in that fashion. Like taking accident reports or something.
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