Motion Detection for Video Files
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Is there a program or set of tools, preferably free / open source, that can take a video file as input, analyze the video, and output the parts of the video which contain motion above some threshold? The output could either be a video file or a series of still images.
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Best answer: Motion is pretty much exactly what you're looking for.
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Matlab also has a set of libraries/toolbox that do this is you are looking to do more analysis which would be easier in that type of environment
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Roborealm is an interesting Windows program that lets you do things like this with live video feeds such as from a web camera or a video file. Try the trial, and get the hang of things by using a web camera.
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Response by poster: Motion looks ideal, except that I need to do the motion detection on pre-recorded video files as opposed to live camera streams. In looking through the Motion docs, I didn't see any option for using a video file as a source, but I will read in more detail tomorrow. I will also take a look at Roborealm, although something that can run on *NIX would be ideal. Thanks for all the ideas so far!
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ImageJ is neat, it also has plugins.

Might do what you want with some input, found some hits below.

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OpenCV (CV stands for Computer Vision):

You may be able to use simple frame subtraction:

O'reilly's book, chapter 9, is a good place to start (code downloadable also):

might search on "video summarization" and "video skimming"
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Response by poster: I'd still like an easy way to process pre-recorded files, but using Motion with a live stream has solved the immediate problem. Thanks, everyone!
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