Kosher for Passover hot sauce?
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Kosher for Passover hot sauce? I love spicy foods and am a Tabasco addict. Passover's just around the corner, but I've never been able to find a KfP hot sauce. If you know of any, you will be my hero. (Note that I'm specifically looking for something certified as Kosher for Passover, not merely Kosher.) Thanks!
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Might have some answers in this thread: Hot Sauce Blog.
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Best answer: Blanchard & Blanchard Louisiana Hot Sauce.
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Would you consider making your own from fresh ingredients?
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This says that the Blanchard & Blanchard above is the only certified kosher-for-passover hot sauce. Several other things like this say that Frank's Red Hot is also fine for passover, but it's only certified regular kosher.
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Response by poster: Well done, gman! And thanks for the additional info, brainmouse.

Contraption: Looks like a wonderful recipe! Might have to give that a try.

Spinifex, you can see I was already all over that thread last year. :)
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Tabasco is in large part vinegar, which, if distilled from grain, is chametz. I suspect that it is chametz, because as much as they go out of their way to say it's generally kosher, they mention nothing about it being kosher for Pesach. They don't say anything on their site about the type of vinegar they use other than that it's "high quality distilled vinegar". It's also possible an apple-cider vinegar or other non-grain-based vinegar would affect the taste and can't make a decent substitute for the current vinegar formula.
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Conrad, my bad. I was looking at this thread at work, and didn't see your involvement. Glad you found an answer!
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I would second making your own. If you get one of those handheld magic bullet blenders you can toss the ingredients in there and have hot sauce in about 30 seconds and it will be delicious.
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I had to Google what the difference was, and the first result was this Mefi thread from 2007. I love it when AskMe does that.
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"Skhug, if you will, is the Middle-Eastern version of Tabasco..." Yemeni Jewish hot stuff kept me alive when I visited Israel. From the delightful Hummus Blog
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