Song ID from Season 1 Episode 6 of the Wire
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Song from the Wire, season 1 episode 6. Here's a Youtube of the scene uploaded by someone else looking for it. It is not "Respect the Nubians" by Positive Black Soul, that comes after. It's not on the soundtrack disc. There are a lot of google hits for people looking for it but no one has found it. Do you know it?
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I have conferred with a crack team of hip-hop wizards and we conclude that it was a song produced for the episode, made by someone who only half had any idea what rap is supposed to be like, and who knew this poet guy who really likes rap and he could be on it.
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My guess is it's by a local Baltimore artist, but I can't find anything more specific right now either.

If you really get stuck, you could try emailing Blake Leyh. He was the music supervisor for that episode. Probably a busy guy, though, so I wouldn't have high hopes for a response.
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Whoever it is has a delivery similar to KC Flightt, but I'd also guess local artist. Definitely update the post if you find out who it is. There are a million underground rap artists.
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Gah, he even mentions that very scene in an old blog post, but it's about the Positive Black Soul song. Now I am frustrated.
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Response by poster: Jairus: thank you for letting me know that a sound wave emanating from a television set does not fit your notion of a style of music i never even mentioned.

aganders3: i agree, and i'll drop blake a line and see if he knows. thanks for the info.

cashman: i will!!!
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Attacking the lyrics only yielded up more pages looking for the song for me. Short of the artist or an insider telling us, it may just be a mystery.
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This ILX post, which you've probably already seen, attempts to transcribe some of the lyrics (misses the '718,' though). Plugging chunks of those lyrics into ohhla was not rewarding.
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I think it's D.Reign, who also plays Frog in season 2.
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D.Reign doesn't sound anything like the youtube clip.
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This was asked about in the The Wire thread at Adtunes (which you probably have also seen), but came up empty as well. Sorry that thread doesn't help, but you are welcome to post in that thread if you would like a few more people to take a look at the video/thread for helping finding an answer.
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