Exporting Mysql user data
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Mysqlfilter: How can i export all users ids, passwords, and permissions (grants), from mysql?
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The manpage for mysqldump is a good source for the information you seek.
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Everything is in the database named "mysql" (e.g. the user records are in mysql.users). Depending on how complex your user access rules are, so the permissions will be spread over different other tables. Do a mysqldump on that and look over the results.
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Just noting you can't actually export the passwords, at least not in most installations. mysql passwords are encrypted, so all you can export is the hash of the passwords. This is a feature.

Although everything is in the mysql db and largely in the user table, that's not the right way to go about this. The easiest way appears to involve a small shell script. This is the best discussion I could find of it:

(just ignore the parts about importing into another server).
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