How to create a raw footage library?
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How can I organize all of these video clips from different sources (Flip cam, iPhone cam, etc) into some kind of database to make it usable?

I'm accumulating footage for a documentary of sorts. I've been amassing a large collection of clips over the past year and will likely continue to for another year or so. Is there some software that will allow me to organize and tag them, so I can find relevant pieces when I need them in the future?

Something like this I suppose: Open Video Toolkit

But stored locally, and preferably cross platform.
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I've found Leap (+Fresh, but that's optional) to be incredibly useful for things like this:

Just tag everything as you bring it in and it makes life so, so much simpler.
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It's not cross platform, but on the Mac I really like Clipstart for this.
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Response by poster: Hmm, all those look good, but there don't seem to be any Windows solutions.
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