Cooking Lesson for Paris Tourists
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We will be in Paris for two weeks in May. My wife and I would like to take a one-day or half-day cooking or baking lesson. Language is a bit of an issue.

We have some French but would likely get lost in a technical discussion of knife technique or similar. So, any recommendations? Alain DuCasse has a school but you need a translator to follow it with our level of French. That more than doubles the cost.
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Check here, plenty of English classes available.
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I did this with my SO a couple years ago and it was definitely the highlight of our trip. Shopping in Montmartre was so fun and the instructor was great. All in English. I would absolutely do it again.
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I really enjoyed this one. All in English with shopping at a street market and preparation and eating of a great meal.
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It sounds like you are both looking for quite an advanced level of cooking lesson. Could you confirm this?

Some language schools may offer specific cooking-related activities and you might be able : but the emphasis is on learning linguistic terms rather than advanced techniques. It could still be fun.
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Slight derail, but on the very offchance you were to cross the channel and go to Bath, French baker Richard Bertinet runs a very good cookery school. His bread is very well regarded.

I've done his bread course and it's excellent. On preview, so excellent it seems to be almost completely sold out in May.
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Not a class, but if you are foodies, you might enjoy a tour of Rungis. It is THE professionals food market in Paris. The tour I took, many many many years ago, it was amazing. We arrived close to 3 or 4 am and saw the chefs buying products for the day. Truly a sight to see. Huge buildings housing seafood, produce, meats, cheeses.......
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Yes, rongorongo, we're looking for pretty advanced. The CookNWithClass seems kind of basic. We're poking at some of the others now... will check back.
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Looks like the Hidden Paris page had two good candidates, I think we will end up at one of them. Thanks, MeFi!
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Did Cook'n'WithClass. Highly recommended!
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