But he DID come over!
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A film where Abraham Lincoln comes to a little girl's house?

My mother-in-law saw this movie at the Aramco compound in Saudi Arabia, some time in the late 70s or early 80s, can't remember the title, and has been wanting to find it.

A little girl tells her family that Mr Lincoln came over for tea (or milk and cookies?) and her family doesn't believe her. But actually she isn't making it up.

I'm afraid I don't know much else about the movie. Can anyone here identify it?
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The Great Man's Whiskers! I remember watching it as a kid and really enjoying it. The plot is loosely based on Grace Bedell, a little girl who wrote a letter to Mr. Lincoln in 1860 urging him to grow a beard.
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I asked my mother in law, and she can't remember the title even after hearing it. So I guess my next step is to track down a copy of The Great Man's Whiskers. Thanks for the lead, Oriole Adams!
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Maybe she'll recognize more of the story and the actors involved: Dean Jones plays the little girl's (Elizabeth) father, and Isabel Sanford was the family housekeeper, Ella. Elizabeth was known for having a wild imagination and spinning tall tales. She wrote a letter to Abraham Lincoln while he was campaigning for the presidency suggesting that he had a weak chin and would look stronger if he wore a beard. While Lincoln happened to be campaiging in Elizabeth's hometown, he stopped by to thank her and to receive the gift she'd promised him (a brush for his whiskers). Elizabeth showed him into the drawing room and then went to the kitchen to tell Ella that Abraham Lincoln was here, and could she please prepare a small tea party. With an indulgent smile Ella told her she'd bring it out presently, and when she did come into the drawing room she was "holding" and imaginary tray of tea and snacks. Of course she nearly had a stroke when she discovered that Mr. Lincoln really was there! Nonplussed, Lincoln (played by Dennis Weaver) "poured" tea into his imaginary cup, stirred it, sipped it and chatted with Ella and Elizabeth.
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I notice on ImDB that Cindy Eilbacher, who played Elizabeth, was born in Saudi Arabia. Maybe that has some connection to it being played at Aramco?
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