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What is the title or author of this older fiction book? The main character says "Well!" throughout it.

I read the first part of this book back in the late 80s or early 90s. I never got to finish it and I've always wanted to, but I had forgotten the title and author.

I believe it was written much earlier then when I actually read it. I don't have much detail to offer, but it was about a woman who meets (and possibly marries) a young man and they take a road trip to either move, visit family or something else that I obviously cannot remember. I believe the relationship was rather sudden between the two of them.

What separates this book from all the rest is the common phrase used by the main character throughout the book, that being "Well!" It reminds me of Samantha Stevens on Bewitched, she too uses that phrase often for various reasons whether for insults or excuses, just as the character does in this book.

My memory of it seems that the book's story was set somewhere between 1920-1940, but I could be wrong.

I'm nearly certain the author was a woman, but not 100% so.

Finally, it was a clean book. There was no sex nor cursing in it whatsoever that I can remember.

It was simple, but enjoyable. Does this sound even remotely familiar to anyone? I know it's not much to go on, but I'm hoping someone recognizes it.
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Gee, thanks. Sharing that naggy, unanswerable question was like sharing a cold virus, and now I've got it too. I'm sure I read such a book, and liked it. I can hear that lady saying "Well!" in my head. But what book???

Something by Ann Tyler, maybe? Even if it wasn't, I think that's the type of book that might scratch this sort of itch.
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