Safety in Richmond District and GGP
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Visiting San Francisco next week. Would it be safe to walk down 9th Ave (from Lake St.), through the Richmond District, to Golden Gate Park and back, in the early evening and then back around 10:00 after attending the Nightlife event at the Academy of Sciences? Any advice about this event? Is it ridiculously crowded?
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You'll be perfectly safe. The only part I'd be even a tiny bit concerned about is going through the park alone after the event, and they'll be plenty of people around when the event lets out.

I haven't been to Nightlife since it started. It was reasonably crowded then, but the only time the I've found the Academy of Sciences not crowded is when they open an hour early for members only.
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Nightlife is great, and nowhere near as crowded as the scene is during the day. If you want to go to one of the lectures or the astronomy thing, sign up early when you get there, as those often fill up fast. In our experience, doing one lecture-talk thing is plenty - leave time for wandering around to look at exhibits, especially the seahorses. The walk should be safe, although the park can be a little confusing. Cabs do seem to cruise past the academy towards the end of the event, so you may be able to pick one up I'd need be. Have fun!
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You'll be perfectly safe.
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You'll be safe.

I've only been to Nightlife once, and that was a couple years ago, but I'd say it was more "quite" rather than "ridiculously" crowded. I believe buying tickets online allowed us to circumvent some of the long lines out front.
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Quintupling the "you'll be safe" message here. As far as Nightlife goes: the one time I tried to go it was sold out, owing to large batches of tickets being purchased in advance for employees of a couple different companies. Thus I highly recommend buying your tickets in advance, just to be safe.
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You might slip on a stray piece of dim sum on the sidewalk.
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I went to Nightlife a few months ago. Buy your tickets online as others have advised. It was fairly crowded but generally not uncomfortably so (and I hate places that are too crowded to move freely), although the downstairs aquarium part and special exhibits are going to be the most crowded. Have cash on hand if you plan on buying any drinks (they have nice little bars stationed throughout and the lines aren't too bad.) Have fun!
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We visited the city and went to nightlife last summer. I'd say it was fairly crowded (yes, especially in the downstairs aquarium) and ridiculously loud, but fun. I will probably never again have a conversation with strangers in a museum while watching sea creatures that starts when someone shouts: "Look, they're fucking!"
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Make sure you hit up the rain forest early--the only time I've been to a nightlife thing, the line was so long we didn't get a chance to get it in. But it is a lot of fun--I went with a few friends and we made a little photo adventure out of it. Got a few great shots!

Also agreeing that the only remotely sketch part of the walk is through the park at night, and you'll still probably be fine. I live in the neighborhood, FWIW, and walk around at night by myself (single chick) all the time and am fine.
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It is a safe neighborhood. One caution: don't walk down the street at night with eyes glued to your smartphone; this is an invitation to robbery anywhere in San Francisco. The northward pedestrian route from the Cal Academy out of the park is either 8th Avenue or 10th Avenue, btw.
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Watch out for raccoons and the occasional bold feral cat!
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Thank you all so much for your advice and assurance on our safety. I love the funny tidbits and will look out for stray dim sum! This was my first posted question and it's great to know the answers I needed were out there. Cheers! Going to the Boom Boom Room next Friday and will post a similar question about that.
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