Great Dining for Less in RI?
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Looking for a good but inexpensive restaurant in Providence, RI to hold my wedding rehearsal dinner. Any recommendations? It can be a short drive outside of the city too. Thank you for your help!
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A bit more info might help constrain the choices...

How many people? How much $/person?
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For about 25 people and under $40/ head would be ideal.
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$40/head gives you a lot of options. For your purposes, The waterman grille sounds perfect. The food is pretty good, and they have several private rooms that could probably accomodate your whole party. Local 121 might work as well, not sure about a private room though.
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We did our rehersal dinner at the Johnson & Wales Inn, which is a little out of the city. They have a number of rooms, as biug as a ballroom down to a tiny room (in the restaurant, Audrey's) for wine-tastings.

The Inn is located in a hotel that's owned by Johnson & Wales University -- so the staff & kitchen are all Culinary Arts & Hospitality students, and they're supervised by professors and senior staff. They are all very eager to please, and are delighted to work with you.

In order to make clear that this isn't Pepsi Blue Inn, I will admit that I later went to work for JWU -- but that was a few years afterwards, and I knew nothing of the place when we were room-hunting.
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