PalmOS Killer Apps? Sites?
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I recently purchased a Treo 650 PDA/Phone/Tetris Device/ThingMaJig and would like to know what MeFites consider to be the best of the best apps I should cram this thing with.

I have already purchased VeriChat for my Trillian-esque needs. I've scoured ye olde Google for other stuff, but being a n00b, I'm unsure which apps/sites deserve my PalmOS-capable attention.

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Response by poster: Oh, I should've mentioned that since I'm using a Macintosh, I also purchased Mark/Space's The Missing Sync as it seemed to be a better option for iSync integration than the fare Palm was offering.
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The single most useful Palm app, if you actually use it for a calendar and task list, is DateBk5.
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I seriously recommend a SD Card with 512 mb or better.

Hi-Launcher -launching app. zlauncher is also popular
Mapopolis -for maps
SnapperMail -a better mail client with imap support
PocketTunes -MP3 etc and streaming internet radio

Reference apps:
PocketLingo's dictionary and thesaurus I find far more useful than I would have expected.

It would help if you gave some information about what kinds of things you'd like to do with it: play games, look up medical facts, do drawings, etc.
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If your email server supports the IMAP IDLE extension, I highly recommend ChatterEmail - it gives you Blackberry-style 'push' email on your Treo. In other words, email appears on your handheld as soon as it is sent, not whenever you check for messages.

I use Agendus as my main PIM software.

MyTreo is a good resource - their Knowledge Base pages are a good introduction to the device.

See also these two previous questions.
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Response by poster: Being my first PDA, I'm a little at a loss as to the breadth of what I can do. Sorry for the vagueries, but I think just hearing what y'all find most indispensible can lead me in the right direction(s).
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I'm a bit rushed right now, so I don't have time to add links, but you can easily google for the software.

Treo-specific apps that I use:
Phone/device management: BTmute, Phone Tools, Lightwav, TakePhone, Voice Dialer, Butler
Data/Internet: ChatterEmail, pssh, TrafficStat, Chatopus

Useful PalmOs applications:
Backupman, Card Export, PowerRUN
Graffiti Anywhere, Palmary Clock screensaver
HandBase, JShopper, Soundrec, PocketTunes
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Not relevant to a Mac user, but if you're syncing with Outlook 2003 on XP, ExpressClickYes is fantastic - it stops you getting interrupted by an Outlook dialogue box every time you sync. Free.

If someone could work out how to get it to run automatically every time I HotSync - as it does with iPodAgent - I'd be forever indebted.
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