Polish Fallout 3
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So yesterday I bought a used copy of Fallout 3 for the xbox 360 at my local Gamestop. Turned out it was a Polish version. Anyone know if it's possible to change the default Polish text and dialogue to English?
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I think it's unlikely. The game knows which language to display based off of what your dashboard language is set to - if that same language is available on the disc. Otherwise it displays the default.

It's actually pretty unlikely that there's any language but Polish on your disc, maybe text, but if your xbox is set to English and it's not showing up in English, I think there's only polish on that disc at all.

Typically, your Xbox game discs have about two languages on them, if that. That's the maximum that seems to be able to fit on a 360 DVD with all of the audio and dialogue and assets that it takes to make an AAA video game these days. Your typical SKU breakdown would be English/French (because you have to have French where English exists in North America because of Canadian laws), and then standalone for everything else, or Spanish/Italian and maybe German standalone. Polish is very likely standalone.

It's different for the PS3 because those use BluRay DVDs which hold around 25GB instead of the Xbox's ~6GB, but I'm overanswering your question at this point.
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Thanks, I suspected that was the case. Oh well, I hope they'll give me my money back, because, damn, there should be a huge warning label on that cover.
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You should have zero problems exchanging it. In my experience Gamespot has been totally understanding that used games do not always function correctly.
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Yeah, that has been my experience too.
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Or, you know, the cover should've been in Polish.
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Yeah, and this is a bit embarrassing: the cover actually is in Polish. It didn't occur to me to check the back of the cover; I've bought probably 20-30 games at that store, and they've never defaulted to anything but English, so it just didn't occur to me that it might be something else. The front of the cover looks identical to the English language version, except that there is a small circle in the lower left corner with a "PL" in it. I didn't notice.
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The problem's already been solved, but for posterity I would like to point out that Gamestop, at the time of this writing, has a 7-day no-questions-asked return policy on used games. I'm pretty sure this extends to refunds and not just exchanges.
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