Is my bottle of Rhum still drinkable ?
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There are some floating solids in my small bottle of Rhum. Is it still drinkable ? I received the complimentary bottle of Rhum in early 2010 from an Air France flight.

I am not much of a drinker of liquor. But I plan to make TI-punch with this small bottle of rhum. So, is it normal that there are floating solids in the bottle ? Here's a picture of the bottle.
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I don't think it's Rhum. It's pre-mixed planteur punch with rum in it and the solids would be from whatever fruit was added. It should be fine to drink, but if I was making punch I'd use straight rum instead.
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Yeah, it's a rum punch liqueur of some sort. 'Made from white rum and old amber rum.' It's not going to work (as expected) in a recipe calling for rum. Yes drinkable! I'd try it straight up on ice.
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What they said. It's rum punch with some fruit gunk at the bottom. Just "bien agiter" and enjoy.
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Thanks everyone. Looks like I'll have to go shopping.
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