L.A. May 7th - 9th
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Hail Mefites! My buddy and I - on our way to Buenos Aires - have a layover in Los Angeles from May 7th (this Saturday) to the 9th. Neither of us has ever been before. We need a CHEAP PLACE TO STAY! Any reccomendations? (+ any advice on quirky must-see L.A. shit?) Thanks!
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...on our way to Buenos Aires.

My heart aches in jealousy. I love that place and those people.
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What counts as "cheap"? Under $100? Under $50?

I heartily second the Museum of Jurassic Technology. Weirdest place in LA, and that's saying something.

Farmer's Market at 3rd and Fairfax is worth a visit, and if ~$100 a night is in your price range, you can stay across the street at the legendary Farmer's Daughter Hotel, discussed previously in an AskMe thread (which I can't track down for some reason right now).

Amoeba Records is one of the greatest record stores on the planet.
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I second Venice Beach; it was my favorite place to go when I lived in L.A. And if you stay at the Farmer's Daughter, Farmer's Market is pretty cool as well.
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You should go see Watts Towers – I’m not by any means an anti-tourism snob (for example I always take out-of-town visitors to see Hollywood Boulevard, it’s great) but the Towers are mind-boggling, totally sublime, and unfortunately neglected. If you’re a carnivore and you want one of the best cheap meals in town – better than most of the fancy ones, in fact -- go to Versailles and order the garlic chicken (there’s one branch at the corner of Pico/La Cienega and another one, a little bit west of there, on Venice Blvd.).
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(neglected as a visitors' destination, that is ...)
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I came in here to insist you go to the Museum of Jurassic Technology but I was beaten to it. Ignore the website - it doesn't do the place justice at all.
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You could play an all-night poker session at the Hustler cardroom which is a free stay (or less if you play poker) and I guarantee you'd sleep like a baby on the upcoming flight.
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Seconding, thirding, and millioning both the Museum of Jurassic Technology and The Watts Towers -- two one-of-a-kind, only-in-LA experiences. Really amazing stuff.

Also, do not miss the fish tacos at Siete Mares on Sunset at Descanso in/near Echo Park. Excellent cheap eats.
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You should also maybe check out the Getty Museum, it's free ($5 to park a car), and the view is pretty nice...here's a metro trip planner to help get around by bus, if you'd like.
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Thanks Mefites! This is the exact sort of info we wanted. . .

Does anybody know anything about homemade slurpees (slurpista?) at a beach next to Venice Beach???
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You can get a smoothie in Venice at JJ Chill which Britney Spears bought for her dad.

Now, let me be serious. Eating in Venice, I highly recommend Mao's Kitchen for some of the best Chinese food in town. Also caters to Vegan to Carnivore diners. Mao's also lets you bring in your own booze, I even sat next to a group of Russians once who brought in their own bottle of Vodka. If you bring beer or wine, they give you an opener and tea cups to pour in.
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*double thumbs up to mao's kitchen*
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