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What's the Italian gay scene like?

Is it mainstream Eurotrash -- D&G tank tops and tiny speedos and bad house music? Are there lots of bears, like in Spain? Is there an alternative Berlin/Northern Europe queer underground? Is waxing big? And other vital issues.

If you have any good gay venue recommendations for Rome that would be great too.
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I'd have to sound out my friends vis-a-vis the first part of your question*, but Coming Out is probably the most well known GLBT bar, so much so that the entire block has been baptised "Gay Street." Muccaassassina is, IIRC, the oldest weekly GLBT event in Rome & n the summer there's Gay Village. I don't know how good your Italian is, but the website for the Mario Mieli Cultural Association seems to be chock full of info as well.

* One thing possibly unique to the Rome gay scene is the number of priests on the downlow - it's sort of an open secret but a friend of mine was initially a bit shocked.
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