Looking for awesome, well-trained Pandora stations
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Give me your awesome, well-trained Pandora stations!

I'm talking about stations you've spent months or possibly years training, have tons of seed bands and songs, and a respectable number of thumbs-up and thumbs-down votes. It should consistently play the music you expect it to play. Bonus points for contemporary artists and niche genres.
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Best answer: I've been working on my Rock/Pop en espaƱol station for a few months and am pretty happy with it. I do keep fine-tuning it, because Pandora likes to throw me curveballs every now and then. It's from the late 80's on but with a lot of contemporary stuff. No reggaeton allowed.

Also in Spanish, my Fania All Stars station is doing pretty well - it's mostly 70's New York-style salsa with but it does bleed into late 60's/early 80's.
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Best answer: I made a station combining Incubus, Stereophonics, Oasis, and their influences. I called it Rocking Out At the Pier 1.
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MeMail me, let me know what you're looking for and I'd be HAPPY to share! I have BeBop n' Jazz, Chicks on Piano, 80s greatest hits and misses, etc. Let me know!
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Why not share 'em in the thread, indiebass? AskMe ain't just for the askers, you know. :)
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Best answer: Here's mine

Chilled out electronica, indie dance and post rock.
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Best answer: I won't get any street cred for it, but my Coral & Seafoam is awesome (Don Henley, Journey, Toto, Axel F, Duran Duran, all that leisure suit stuff).
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1. The Avett Brothers Pandora station is pure gold.

2. Miike Snow station is awesome for upbeat indie/dance/electronic
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"It should consistently play the music you expect it to play."

This sounds like the antithesis of Pandora's purpose.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far! I do hope that indiebass comes back and posts his stations, it sounds like he has what we're looking for.

Here's my contribution : Music to get lost in. Post-rock / really intense instrumentals, with a touch of shoegaze and ambient. Perfect for deep concentration or relaxation. I've been training it for 4+ years, so it's pretty good!

"It should consistently play the music you expect it to play."

This sounds like the antithesis of Pandora's purpose.

Disagreed. Pandora is a music discovery service, so yes, it should play stuff you've never heard of, but a good station (to my mind) should keep to a given "vibe", so you can have different stations for different moods.

(I actually once wrote an article on how to make a good Pandora station, but that's another story for another day)

Sadly, I think Pandora's community aspect is WAY underbuilt; they should have a whole system for finding stations others have spent a lot of time on, and recommending them to you. But in absence of that, I'm glad the hive mind is here to help me out.

Thanks, all!
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Best answer: Hey, sorry it took me a while. I've just been crazy busy. I dig this thread and wish there was a place for more stations by people, but in the interim I'm glad to help! (hopefully I've done this right...)

Motown and Soul

The Guiltiest of Pleasures Radio

Old Skool Hipster Radio (This probably requires explanation... this station is sort of my vision of what hipsters would have listened to in the 70s/80s if they were actually cool, instead of pretending to be cool. It's a weird idea, I know. But I know what I meant, and I love the music. Generally "in progress", actually)

The 80s Greatest Hits and Misses

Yacht Rock (you know it or you don't...)

BeBop n' Jazz (very specifically my first-choice taste in Jazz)

Badasssssss! (again: something very specific w/in rap... also a work in progress)

Piano Chicks
Pretty much does what it says on the tin. Female vocals. Pianos. Excluding everything else. Still training it, but about 90+% there.

I'd actually love any feedback, if anyone has some. Hope you enjoy it, and MeMail me with any questions!
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