Modding a Toyota RV
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I was given a 1984 Toyota RV that is in rough shape cosmetically, but is a strong running chasis. It has the legendary 22r engine (with low miles), a 6 bolt rear axel and a dual battery setup. The living quarters are a little run down. I am wondering if there is any information on how to strip it down to the frame and if there are any examples of rebuilding a new structure using modern materials?
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The Toyota Motorhomes discussion board has a section devoted to repairs and improvements. The toyota-campers Yahoo group (Yahoo account required) has an extensive files section with owner manuals, guides and related things that may be useful.

My general impression is that these projects can get nasty fairly quickly, good luck.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tip! Know about the sites, still waiting to get added to the group. Was hoping someone had a nice pic-by-pic blog. In the meantime... back to the drawing board.
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