Unique Mother's Day gifts
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With Mother's Day around the corner, I'd like to find something around $30 for mine (I love her but I'm poor).

I don't want something uber-specific, but a token of affection about as ornamental as flowers, while being just a touch more unique. Something available online would be ideal, as I will still be away at college on Sunday. Thanks to a recent question (about gifts for a new mother) for prompting me.
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Many women in their forties and above have houses full of all the stuff they need. So, something expendable is good. How about a magazine subscription? Or a gift certificate for a massage or a manicure?
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Like flowers but more unique? I've always been a fan of potted plants. They're not something that everybody gives, and there's something more poetic about giving someone something that can live for more than a week, blossoms when nurtured, etc. Leaves room for some creative and sentimental embellishment!
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What about music. My wife loved "the Concert for George" tribute to George Harrison so I got the DVD for her. If you know her tastes music is something that lasts.
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Response by poster: Ah, orange swan, that's excellent, thank you!

Potted plants would be lovely too. Sadly, cut flowers will last longer than potted ones in her hands. My mom's killed cacti, palms, bushes, and one plastic plant (long story).

A concert DVD might be nice; I could have it sent in giftwrap.
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Some cute ideas here and here for around $30. It can depend on her personality: gardening, knitting, lounging, girlie, spa, magazines... they are all great for different people!
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I can highly recommend Adagio Teas. They have special Mother's Day gifts, free wrapping, and expedited shipping.
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I bought mine the first season of MacGyver ($29.24).
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I bought mine the first season of MacGyver ($29.24).

So your Patty & Selmas offspring...
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One nice idea is something wearable, so when she gets compliments, she can say "oh! my son gave me this." (I don't have a son, but I would like to say that.) I don't know if it's her style at all, but there are some great (handmade, I think) silk shawls at Novica. Like this, this, or this. More here (ordered by price).

(I love to wear monochrome outfits with just an interesting, elegant accessory like a scarf, shawl or belt to add a little drama. If it seems like your Mom's kind of like this, then one of these would be great.)
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If you give me her name and address, and *promise* to pay me, I'll send her a card from Habitat for Humanity of Fort Worth that says you donated money to build a home for an underpriviledged person. If it goes in the mail tonight, she should have it by Saturday. $30 will buy "a box of floor tile". Or a porch light fixture or a flat of flowers goes for $20. The beauty of it is, she know won't exactly how much you spent because the card is worded "the amount of this gift will enable the purchase of [insert item here] by Habitat for Humanity." Here is a link to the home we built last year.
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p.s. If you want to do this, email me through the address in my profile.
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Last year, I made my mother vanilla sugar by blending a few real vanilla bean pods into cane sugar. It was an idea I got from "the Naked Chef" and if you google for it, I'm sure you can get better directions and recipe ideas.
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Given some very heavy hints that have been dropped, I think my son is giving me a Ramones poster. I think that will be lovely, but YMMV.

I usually get my mom a plant - it's that time of year - or something garden-y and useful or pretty. Check out a garden shop or a museum shop near you for something that feels like her. I swear by just browsing until something jumps out at you - I know it sounds silly but the best gifts I've ever gotten for people who are hard to buy for (my mom) I've found that way.
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I once bought my mother a pellet gun for mother's day after listening to her complain for months about the rodents and birds that drove her crazy on her waterfront property. She returned it a week later after the cop nextdoor explained to her that shooting seagulls was a bad thing.

Now I stick to gardening stuff. She bought a house with my grandmother 3 years ago, and between Easter, Mother's Day, and her birthday, they end up with about 6-12 new plants or shrubs every year.
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Response by poster: I ended up getting her a typewriter key necklace from Uncommon Goods, to honor her job (she taught typing at a private school for several years) and the love for writing she passed onto me (I'm starting a career in fiction). Thank you, fionab.
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Make her dinner. You will be the most wonderful child a mother could have!
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