Reproduction of Picasso print
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How can I acquire a reproduction of this Picasso print?

I saw it at MoMA, but they don't have reproductions of it in their online store. I haven't had any luck elsewhere (someone is selling one on eBay, but they don't ship to Canada). Not sure where else to look.
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If you email the person on ebay and ask for a shipping price to Canada, they'll almost certainly consider it.
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I've contacted the eBay seller and I'm waiting to hear back. I guess I'm wondering if I have any other options if that doesn't work out.
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the MoMA page you linked to sites a collection publication and a page number, perhaps you could buy the book, tear out and frame the page? Alternately call MoMA's library and see if the work is reproduced in any other catalogues.
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Fancy copies in any size you want.
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I think your link is broken, spasm.
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twirlip, if the other options don't work out, have the ebay one shipped to me and I'll forward it. Memail me if interested.
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