Contacts in CISCO's CSR department?
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How do I find contacts that work in corporate social responsibility at CISCO or other companies?

I did my Masters thesis comparing information technology models in South India to Senegal to see if replication was possible and desirable in the latter. One of the underlying questions to answer whether it was desirable is corporate social responsibility (CSR), and how companies integrate the needs of local communities before starting/continuing with operations. One company in particular that approaches CSR with long-term community sustainability/community betterment in mind is CISCO systems.
Does anyone on here know of a way I could contact someone in the CSR department? I am asking both because I am planning on starting a new research project, and because I am curious to see if there are job opportunities available. CISCO is at the top of my list, but I would be interested in any companies that approach CSR this way.
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You have Mefi mail.
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I also sent you a MeFi mail.
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Since no one else can read your MeFi mail, here's a more general answer:

You could start by reading Cisco's CSR reports and looking for names of Cisco employees who have responsibility for the CSR programs. Then contact those employees directly.

If you don't find any useful leads in the CSR report, I would contact the Office of the Corporate Counsel and/or the Director of Shareholder Relations. Those are the offices that deal with shareholder activists who are pressing the company on CSR issues. Even if you are not a shareholder, they might be willing to tell you who is in charge of the CSR program. They certainly will know.
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