Which bicycling app and mount for iPhone should I get?
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What is the best / your favorite bicycle computer app for the iPhone? Also, what bike mount would you recommend for an iPhone?
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Check out Runkeeper. It does a lot! GPS tracking, maps, charts, speed, etc... Plus all of your data is accessable through their website.
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Best answer: I've tried a bunch, and am a big fan of Cyclemeter. I actually keep the phone in my pocket and rely on spoken updates, which is Cyclemeter's killer feature (keeping the phone dark also allows for much longer battery life). On those rare occasions I need to check my map, I stop.

I haven't used Runkeeper, but it looks good. Another app that looks intriguing is Kinetic.

One feature that Runkeeper supports is Fisica, which is a dongle that lets you connect to HRMs, wheel-rotation counters, etc, and is available as a bike mount. There are a number of other apps that also support Fisica (Cyclemeter has made noises about adding support for this), and I expect this to become more and more common. I plan on getting a Fisica mount and trying it out at some point.
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Another cool thing that Cyclemeter does is to create the data to display your route on Googlemaps, which it emails to you when you finish the ride. I've tried several cycling apps and Cyclemeter has the best user interface of any.
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