ID this tree for me?
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I took a picture and posted it on my site as a desktop wallapaper. I would like to title the image with the appropriate name of the tree — it was taken at Chicago Botanic Garden. Can someone identify this type of tree? the image is here thanks
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Could it be a Hawthorn tree?
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Best answer: might be a type of crabapple
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Response by poster: i did a google image search and found similars that were labeled as hawthorn, but some with other names so I'm just not positive. hopefully there is a tree expert in here somewhere that can definitively say, but thanks for the feedback.
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Best answer: not a hawthorn - leaf type is wrong. (I think the bark is wrong as well - but wouldn't bet on it)

Leaf type is correct for an apple family member

Given its fall and the sort of weeping form of the plant I'd bet it is some ornamental crabapple. Also a pretty common plant in the Northern US. But I could be wrong
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It looks just like the crabapple tree we had growing by our mailbox when I was growing up (in the southeastern US).
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Best answer: yeah, the more I think about it, and compare it mentally to different Crabapples around here the more confident I am.

Flowering Crabapple
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I think it's a chokecherry
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Best answer: I'm not a tree expert, but that is most definitely a crabapple. This image from wikipedia shows a nearly identical fruit and leaf type.
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The website for the Chicago Botanic Gardens has a huge amount of maps, photos and documentation of its plants. If you know which area of the garden this tree is in, you may be able to find the actual documentation online.
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