Do you know this painting?
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Can anybody identify the painting in this image?
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Here's a magazine cover with the same image. And I found the name (or brand?) Nobu Fujiyama brought up some similar images.
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I used TinEye to find that, by the way.
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It's a fabric pattern from Kona Bay's Nobu Fujiyama series.
According to the description for the only piece I could find on sale (eBay UK), it's called Emperor Moon & Cranes.
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Aweome sleuthing, guys. I knew I would find the answer here. My image is a screencap from the movie "Spy next door." It caught my attention the last time it was on TV, and I could not find any matches by googling. So, when I saw it again on TV, I decided to take a snapshot and ask.

Thanks a lot.
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