Are there ways to remove facebook VOICE chat from my computer?
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Are there ways to remove facebook VOICE chat from my computer?

I tried every thing from uninstalling and with professional uninstaller (such as revo) programs and it is still there. I also remove it in add on in IE9, and extensions in firefox and chrome browsers and still there. I went to uninstaller and it is not there also for extensions too weird.
I want to remove in hard way.
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Response by poster: I also tried antivirus and antispam programs, and I tried to remove it from facebook and it doesn't show there
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There is no native Facebook voice chat feature, AFAIK. Is it a Facebook app, such as Vroom (AKA Vivox Voice)? Can you go to your Application Settings page and disable that app?
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Response by poster: nothing in application setting
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Agreed with misterbrandt. There is no official Facebook voice chat as of this time. It's highly likely you are thinking of Vroom.

Vroom is just a flash application, so there is no uninstaller per se. At best you can clear your browser cache.

Vroom is also a Facebook 'app' that you may have installed. If so, you *should* see it when you click on this:

But you mentioned the you actually removed some add-ons in your browsers. It doesn't appear that Vroom does this (or would ever need to). In that case, you may some other voice chat app, one that doesn't play nice. A screenshot might help identify it in that case.
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Response by poster: I don't see vroom
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Omaralareefi, can you take a screengrab that shows the feature you're describing and post a link to it from here?
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If it is something showing up within your browser, like a BHO or toolbar, try HijackThis (after installing right-click and run as administrator if you're on Vista or Windows 7)
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