Wooden Head Hunting
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I am looking for an art image (20th Century I think) and for the life of me I cannot find it.

It is basically a head that was created in wood, that is put together topographically. That is to say, expanding layers glued together smaller at center, wider as they radiate out. Does anybody know the name of the piece and/or the artist?
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Plywood Bust gets you a couple hits in Google but not, I think, of the exact one you're looking for. Unfortunately, with broad availability of the bandsaw and plywood, anybody who thought, "that's cool" could make their own pretty easily and cheaply.
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Are you thinking of something more like Continuous Profile of Mussolini or more like the Arthur Fiedler Memorial?
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Someting similar to this? (That's not a head, of course, but I want to get an idea of what kind of visual effect you're describing)
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Maybe like these?...

Heads: 1, 2
Faces: 1, 2, 3
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