How do I rent a Mustang for sure?
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I'm planning to head out to Los Angeles in May, and I want to rent a Mustang for a few days, but the rental car companies suck at it. Halp?

Last year when I went to LA, I did teh Googling. I found that you can "reserve" one from Hertz, but the reason I put that in quotes is, you are not guaranteed that a Mustang will actually be there when you show up. The other rental companies pretty much play the same game. In any case, it wasn't there on the day. I struck out, even after calling many different locations. Maybe there's just one car that gets passed around all the rental places in the area!

Yes, it has to be a Mustang, to scratch an itch that won't go 'way.

So, does anyone know a surefire way of renting a Mustang for a few days that doesn't involve camping out on the front steps of the rental place for several days?
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Best answer: You may want to look into specialty car rental companies rather than Hertz et al. I googled up this one - I'm sure they're not the only such rental agency in LA. Good luck! p.s. I googled "mustang rental los angeles" if that helps.
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Look for a rental agency that specializes in 'luxury car rentals', like Beverly Hills Rent-a-Car -- they're going to charge you more -- probably a lot more -- but they're accustomed to dealing with people who are trying to rent specific cars rather than just any car. The Mustang may be a bit on the low end for some luxury car rental companies, but many of them do have them because they're kind of iconic sports cars.
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Yeah, you want a "luxury car rental" or "specialty car rental" service. There are a few; I think rtha has linked to one of the bigger ones.
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Can't help you, but an anecdote: I flew into LAX two years ago for work. Got to the rental car desk (can't remember who it was, probably Thrifty or Hertz) to pick up my reservation for a mid-size sedan. They walked through the paperwork and then told me to go out to the parking lot and pick out whichever car in row C that I wanted.

Walked out and took a look at row C. A bunch of boring sedans...and a red Mustang. :)

(By the way, that car had [predictably] been ridden hard and had the scars to prove it.)
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FWIW, I ended up with a Mustang from a rental company once (they gave me a choice between an SUV or the Mustang in place of the economy car I reserved... the choice was obvious). While it was really nice to be able to put the top down, the actual driving experience didn't feel that much different from my dad's Mercury Topaz (especially since the interior was very similar; I guess Ford reuses a lot between their cars). I figure the rental company probably did something to the engine so that people wouldn't be idiots. But you might want to check with the rental company in case part of your itch is, you know, driving an actual performance vehicle.
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Normal car rental companies will have automatic or (maybe) manumatic Mustangs. The specialty rental companies are likely to have manuals. Something to consider.
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Did you look at the Prestige Collection on Hertz? They have "reserve this specific model" options. I've done this before and always gotten the exact model promised.

I see

"Reserve this Exact Model
Ford Mustang GT Premium"

at LAX.
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Not only does Hertz offer a prestige collection it also offers an adrenaline collection comprised of Mustangs, Challengers and Camaros.

A European colleague who frequently rents cars in the States says he has never had a problem getting the car he reserved from one of the special collections.
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sardonyx: Not only does Hertz offer a prestige collection it also offers an adrenaline collection comprised of Mustangs, Challengers and Camaros.

Pardon the horrible pun, but YMMV. I followed that link and tried to reserve a Camaro SS for a special event a few weeks off. After choosing dates and location, I specified the "adrenaline collection" and the result I got? "Chevy Aveo or similar".

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Thanks, but no thanks, Hertz.
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Response by poster: Just a quick followup: after seeing the prices at midwaycarrental, I decided to go with renting "a convertible" via National. I have Emerald Isle, which means I can just go there and get my car without having to wait on line with the peasants :)

Perhaps the Gods were smiling upon me this lucky Friday the 13th, since I got a Mustang. Itch scratched! And thanks for all your advice!
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