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Recommendations for children's and young adult books auf Deutsch?

I speak ok German and would like to do more reading but Hesse and Kafka are out of much current reach. I've read the first Harry Potter in German and enjoyed it. Can you recommend some books that were written in German. Audiobooks would also be great. Danke sehr.
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Well, the works of Michael Ende and Cornelia Funke were originally in German, so...
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Die Unendliche Geschichte, better known in English as The Neverending Story, is a real classic. You'll be able to find that one in just about any format you like, I would imagine.
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Response by poster: Oh, thank! That's exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. I temporarily forgot about Michael Ende. Mono is one of my favorite books
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Response by poster: I mean Momo.
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Heh. Yup, I enjoyed Momo, too. Mono, not so much. ;)
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Der Kleine Hobbit is another book that translates pretty well, once you get over the main character being named Bilbo Beutlin.

As for books originally written in German: The Tiger und Bär stories by Janosch are classic children's stories.

Another one that's pretty easy to find is a collection of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales in the original German.
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I think I may have even found the link here, but you can check for texts with accompanying audiobooks. I know I found Alices Abenteuer im Wunderland there.
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I enjoyed Erich Kästner's books as a kid, though I've no idea whether they would be fun to read for an adult.
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One of my absolute favorites is Krabat by Ottfried Preussler. It's a story about a boy who gets a job at a mill, which turns out to be a school of dark magic. Darker than Harry Potter, and very well written. I've read this in German myself and my German is quite rusty.
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Die Zeitfalte (a Wrinkle in Time) by Madeleine L'Engle was one of my favorites.
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Ulrich Plenzdorf is one of my favourites - "Die neuen Leiden des jungen W.", and "Legende vom Glück ohne Ende". Both "Jugendliteratur".
Shakespeare translates well (I actually find him more enjoyable in German, but that's just me).
Franz Hohler is worth giving a try, he keeps things simple.
And if you're reading things like Murakami, you might as well read the German translation instead of the English one. Or Henning Mankell, for example.
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Oh, and Walter Moers - the children's book, *not* the comics. Unless you have a very non-PC sense of humour.
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I know you said Hesse is out of reach, but Siddhartha is really quite accessible, especially if you've already read it in English. I think Harry Potter would be harder.
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Max und Moritz is a classic. Anything else by Wilhelm Busch is also a delight. I always loved Konrad: oder Das Kind aus der Konservenbüchse. And seconding Erich Kästner.
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