Convert WAV to FLV audio only on Mac cheap?
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[My friend has] a 771mb .wav audio file [he] desperately needs to compress into an audio-only .flv file. Is there a freeware, shareware or inexpensive software tool that will help [him accomplish] this? Big thanks in advance.

Posted on behalf of a friend, which is explanation for brackets.
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I just successfully tested a .wav to .flv conversion using ffmpeg and Perian on Mac OS X:

ffmpeg -i inputfilename.wav outputfilename.flv

I'm not sure about .flv support on other platforms, but I'm sure similar packages exist.
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Audacity can do this via Export using custom setting for ffmpeg. It runs just fine on OS X.
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Seconding ffmpeg will run on Windows, Linux, or Mac, as long as you are not command-line-phobic. And 90% of the other tools are just going to use ffmpeg in the background anyway (like the aforementioned audacity).
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