Lesbian hypnotic seduction, please?
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Erotic-story-filter: looking for stories that fit a specific fetish. (NSFW)

I'm looking for stories with a straight female protagonist who is coerced--by a man--through hypnosis or some kind of mind control into having sex with other women. Ideally this would be told from her point of view (with plenty of "Why am I doing this? Why can't I stop?" internal monologue), and would be done slowly, as a sort of seduction.

I'm not particularly interested in bondage, humiliation, or rough sex. I just like the idea of a more straight-laced woman being conditioned to do something she wouldn't normally do. I've waded somewhat into the search functions of literotica and lushstories with only mediocre success. Either an online story or in book format is fine.

And if it turns out this genre just isn't out there, I may end up writing it myself.

Thank you!
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Literotica has a complete mind control archive, and some of what you want is likely to also be buried in non-consent and lesbian fiction.
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Nifty has a boat load of hypnosis stories, though I couldn't tell you how many have lesbian themes. They have a search function and it is as awful as the web design. But you should be able to find something that will get the job done.
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You'll want the Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive. Look for stories with the tags ff (Female/Female sex) and md (Male Dominant). A quick grep shows there's about 1079 stories fitting both these themes. If that's too overwhelming, you can troll the Reader's Pics to see who has similar tastes, and what they've found. Happy hypno!
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The alt.sex.stories.moderated newsgroup maintains an archive (at assm.asstr.org). There's a search function tied to the archive. The story codes for the archive are here. Run a search for the codes you want to see in your story (in this case, mc, ff). There should be some stories that fit your desire. Don't search the asstr archive, but the newsgroup archive.
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There is a short story with this theme in 'The Mammoth Book of Best New SF 23", called "It Takes Two", by Nicola Griffith.
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