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Which commercial is playing in the background of this scene (NSFW due to swearing) in Wayne Wang's 'Smoke'? I'm trying to figure out the company behind that duck and phone commercial. Secondly, is that Fruit Rings cereal real?

Could the fruit rings be this?
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Aflac for the ducks, I remember the commercial.
posted by Max Power at 4:34 PM on April 5, 2011

I thought the AFLAC duck was white and really fake looking?
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The Aflac brand has developed wide recognition recently with commercials starring the famous Aflac Duck on television which started airing in December 1999

Smoke 1995
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Froot Loops
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Sorry Chocolate Pickle, I mean that exact brand that is on the table. I'm trying to determine if it is a generic brand, a known brand, or simply a prop designed for the commercial.

I'm studying product placements, so I'm trying to find out which are real or fake and so on.
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I've been looking here without much luck, but it might come in handy for others.
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I remember the duck ad was for a telephone company (the sound is so clear that the ducklings think their mother is the handset) but I don't recall if it was Sprint or MCI: they both did multiple advertising campaigns in the 90s about how clear their long distance service sounded.
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IMHO the Fruit Rings box is either an actual box of Ralston Fruit Rings or something design to rather closely imitate it.

Reasons: 1. Small yellowish rectangle above the words "Fruit Rings" look exactly like the Ralston brand mark (as shown in your link) would at that size.

2. The font of the words "Fruit Rings" looks exactly like the font in the version of the box you linked.

IMHO those two items both happening are too much to be mere coincidence.
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