Cross-country moving company rec?
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MovingFilter - please suggest a moving company for a CA->MA move.

I need to pack up and move a three bedroom house before the end of June. I'm looking for moving companies that can basically pack our stuff up for us quickly and move it from Northern California to the Boston area. If anyone has specific recommendations for these two locations, or a good experience with a firm that will cover them, I'd appreciate it. It's a (mostly) funded move - the company does not endorse or require any particular moving company, but they ask that we send them at least two estimates. (I am also reading the Moving Scam website, but would appreciate more specific feedback.)

I am considering a u-pack type situation, but would really prefer to hand it to the pros given the short time frame and the demands of a rambunctious toddler.
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I had a very good experience with Graebel relocation Services when I moved from Austin, TX to NYC.
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I've used Graebel for several moves, including one cross-country. HIGHLY recommend. They helped me pack, the movers were careful not to break or scratch anything and the drivers were on time.
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Move Green is a great company, they use all Biodiesel trucks, they purchase carbon offsets and they plant 10 trees for every move. In addition to the green angle, I've heard great things about them. They do cross-country moves.
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I just used this company based on the Moving Scam website, and they were great. I did all my own packing and stuff, but they loaded and unloaded super quick with no problems (only a couple hours on either end for a 3 BR house).
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We used MoveGreen for a local move as did my friends. They're not like a big national company for better and worse.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much. These three options are all rated well in other forums too, so I'll probably use all of your suggestions to get my estimates! Really appreciate it - there are 3 million things we need to do before leaving and I can't afford any more stress.
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FWIW, we *just* moved from Seattle to Los Angeles, and had the movers both pack and unpack us. I highly recommend it. In the grand scheme of things, it didn't add all that much cost, and the convenience was well, well worth it. They came one day, packed everything up, came the next day to load it on the truck, and then a few days later brought it to our place in LA, unpacked it and took away all the boxes and packing materials.
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