Group SMS?
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How to SMS within a group?

I want my family to be able to easily SMS the entire an email group, but for SMS.

I can set this up on my Blackberry by making a group by hand, but that only works for me, obviously. I was thinking about some sort of group Twitter thing, but the solutions I've found online haven't worked the way I want.

Any advice?
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If within the USA, GroupMe.
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A private Twitter account.
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Seconding GroupMe! I'm biased, they're my BFFs. The product is awesome and free.
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on the iPhone, if you get a group SMS, all of your replies go to the entire group. It ends up looking kind of like a chat room, actually.
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What a great Idea! I want to set this up. How would one do this where the group are spread all over the world?

I'm curious how you were trying to do it with Twitter?
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GroupMe works for this, but I will say this: My partner at work is fond of it, but when a discussion starts happening on it - it is the Most Annoying Thing Ever for anyone receiving a shitload of texts which they have no real interest in.

bzzz. bzzz. bzzz. ad infinitum.
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