Seriously though it's hilarious.
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Wizard People, Dear Reader literally made me laugh out loud at work. What other (free!) long format audio parodies, comedies, etc. should I try? I am not looking for traditional audiobooks and I'm not looking for unscripted or conversational podcasts. I'm also not looking for stand-up comedy routines. Fan Fiction is fine as long as it is relatively well done and hilarious.
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I've never seen/listened to them, but I've heard Rifftrax are good. They aren't free though.
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This is a long shot, but you might like Sir Henry at Rawlinson End. It's not "funny" so much as.. transcendently wacky?
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Similar thread recently.
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I've just been listening to Humph In Wonderland, a parody of Alice In Wonderland featuring the late Humphrey Lyttelton and cast of I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue. Um, I'm not sure how comprehensible it is if you're not already familiar with ISIHAC though.
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I laughed myself silly listening to old radio recordings of The Bickersons, which I found on CD at the library.

I also find it dangerous to drive while listening to David Sedaris read any of his books, though the book that almost sent me off the interstate because I laughed so hard I cried was Me Talk Pretty One Day.
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Response by poster: I'll open it up to good storytellers too. I guess that's what I'm looking for too: long, hilarious stories that build as they go one. Lake Woebegone would be a good example of this too.

David Sedaris is a great example, thanks.
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If you like David Sedaris and you're looking for good humorous storytellers, try Jean Shepherd. Classic.
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How to Succeed in Evil is so good that I've listened to it multiple times. It's about an evil efficiency expert who has a hard time liking his clients because they all do stupid things. Good production values, great story, my highest recommendation.
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Check out Stuart McLean's Vinyl Cafe stories. He reads a story each week on his CBC radio show and you can download the podcast or buy his CDs. The stories are mostly about Dave and his wife Morley, but often feature other regulars. I used to read the stories to the driver during very long road trips in Western Canada and often had to stop to catch my breath/wipe the tears from laughing so hard. Stuart McLean's delivery makes listening to them even better. The stories are almost universally funny, but often are also quite poignant. My two favourites are 'Dave Cooks a Turkey' and the one about practical jokes.
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