Grown-up getaways in the greater New York area?
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Looking for suggestions for an affordable, romantic, but not TOO romantic, weekend staycation or trip around NYC.

I am thinking of proposing a weekend away (Saturday and Sunday night) with my boyfriend and I'm looking for suggestions for places or hotels that might fit what I have in mind.

We both live with roommates - my roommate used to be gone on weekends so we had the place to ourselves, but that's changed, and we now have very little privacy for sexing it up uninhibitedly. So I thought I would try to plan a weekend where we could get it on with impunity.

Here's what I'm looking for:
-In the five boroughs or no more than 2-3 hours drive from NYC
-A hotel where we can be relatively loud and not worry about disturbing too many people (so no B&Bs, for example), but is a step up from a no-tell motel (I'm okay with them for a few hours; not so much two nights)
-An area where there is at least something to do or somewhere to go when we do want to leave our room (so not somewhere totally deserted)
-An area with an active Craigslist casual encounters section - we are swingers, and it would be an even better getaway if we could invite people to come join us
-No more than $100-$125 a night

I would prefer to stay local, but think the price restriction might preclude that

Ideally, I would love to do this somewhere in the city, but I don't know if I could find anything within my price range, so leaving the city is fine if it's not in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. I am not sure if there is anything out there that fits at least some of my hoped-for criteria, but I would love to hear suggestions for how I might be able to make my X-rated weekend happen.
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I don't really spend any time on that section of the site, but if the vanilla sections are any indication, the utility of Craigslist for anything outside major urban areas is pretty low. I know in my city, the second largest in my state, it's pretty useless even if you're just trying to find an apartment. It's the same few dozen complexes, slum lords, and rent-to-own spammers 24/7. The site for the state capitol isn't all that much better. There really does seem to be a critical mass for the thing, and I'd say it's right around a million people inside city limits.

This means you're looking at either staying in New York or potentially going to Philadelphia. No other real candidates within 2-3 hours of NYC. And your price limit means that Philadelphia really does seem to be your only option. But at that price limit you're going to either need to do this in the next month, i.e. before Memorial Day, or you're going to need to be willing to stay at something like the Red Roof Inn. Prices are pretty reasonable now, i.e. you can get yourself in at a Hampton Inn for $100 or so pretty much anywhere in Philadelphia, but come the end of May that goes up to $120 and more. Both of those are before taxes, so yeah. Prices for similar accommodations in NYC start around $250 and go up from there, so I think you can kiss that one goodbye.

The one thing you probably aren't going to be able to do is stay somewhere particularly quaint or classy. There you're looking at $150 a night at the very minimum, and $250 (or more!) is entirely possible. B&Bs tend to be slightly cheaper than hotels with equivalent services, but even if they did fit your other criteria, they'd still be too expensive. No, you're definitely in hotel chain territory here. But really, hit up any reasonable chain in Philadelphia and you'll be able to find something.
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