List of National and Sate Candidates
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I'm looking for a site or data source to find out who is running for office in 2012 at the state and national level.

Ideally this information would be exportable into a csv format or something like that. I realize I can find incumbents pretty easily, but how do I find people who are planning a run, or who have already announced a run?
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Actually, I keep up with Mark Halperin. He seems to have the best nose to the ground out there about who is running for almost everything of note. As for official candidacies, though, you have to wait for the appropriate filing in the appropriate government office to know that, and I don't believe there is any central compiling source.
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You could try Project Vote Smart, though you're not going to get anything in a csv file and they won't list until after official filing dates. tracks money in politics and so you can good information on who has set up official campaign committees and started raising money even if they haven't officially filed yet.

Or you can go to the Secretary of State/Board of Elections websites state by state to look up candidate info.
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I like - it covers the various races pretty well, from a polling point of view.
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I have a few links bookmarked, but they are mostly for my local and state issues.

I pulled this one out - the original link itself is dead, but the site should have info on all kinds of things. I am sure I bookmarked it in my "voting and elections" folder for a reason.
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This is actually unfortunately somewhat more difficult than you might expect. Someone above suggested campaign finance data, which is a good thought. The good news: campaign finance data will probably be a decent option in a few months, since people with exploratory committees can already start to raise money without having declared. OpenSecrets is only federal doesn't offer bulk downloads, but we do (our federal data is actually the same data as OpenSecrets, and we also offer state data courtesy of NIMSP). Our bulk downloads are at, and you can also just go to and filter down to a subset of the larger data set. Bad news, though: there's not much 2012 cycle data available yet from anyone, and disclosure requirements this far out require only very infrequent disclosures, so there's not a ton to work with, and campaign finance data is not necessarily optimized for your particular use case.

You might also look at Wikipedia pages like this one, which, while not a CSV, are reasonably well-researched, particularly at the federal level, and will give you someplace to start.
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Ballotpedia is probably the site you want, although I see no way to get a CSV.

The FEC data, limited as it is, is here.
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