How can I figure out the value of a used car?
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Seeking recommendations for resource(s) to determine the value of a used car not sold in the U.S. -- and thus not listed by Kelly Blue Book.

(Or, alternatively, please help me figure out what this used car is worth, or even what it likely sold for new.

Fiat Palio from 2006. I believe the model may be a close relative to the Punto, which is sold elsewhere. Seems to be in good condition, has had regular maintenance. Nice interior, only minor flaws to exterior. 42K km. 1242 CC "Fire" engine, 16 valves 82 Hp. Motor seems to run well. Averages 15km/L. With: Electronic fuel injection, A/C, power steering. No airbags.

Value expressed in euros or USD. I imagine it can vary from country to country, but for the purpose of this question please ignore that factor if possible.)
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Why not ask on the Fiat Forum, which has this discussion on the Palio vs the Punto?

I would have recommended EBay Motors, but they don't have any current or completed listings for the Palio. Same with Hemmings Motor News. I'd then try the Craigslists local to where they are sold, as well as whatever classified sites list car ads in those regions.
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Are there Auto Trader-type publications or websites in the country you're located in? Checking asking prices on one of these would be a good starting point. Here's an example.
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The consensus seems to be that the Palio is a Punto derivative targeted at developing nations. While it has a Punto-like chassis, people who have seen both cars seem to think that the build quality, finish etc on the Palio is much lower than the Punto (though this could be simple prejudice, you can objectively argue that the Punto has features the Palio doesn't - like air bags as standard).

So maybe you could start with the Punto price as an upper benchmark - that is, a Palio should cost quite a bit less than the Punto. In Australia, a 2006 Punto (1.3L turbo diesel, 6 speed manual, 5 door hatch) is currently worth $9,700 to $11,400 with 80K to 130K km on the clock. The 1.4L 5 speed petrol model goes for about $1,400 less at both price points.

The Australian dollar now is about the same as the US dollar. Bear in mind that cars are generally expensive in Australia, and that the Aussie dollar was not nearly as strong against the US dollar or the Euro back in 2006.
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