Where can I fill my tiny tummy?
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What are some good Weight Loss Surgery Friendly restaurants in midtown Manhattan?

I had RNY gastric bypass last June and I'm going to midtown Manhattan this weekend (for an in-person Jeopardy! audition...yay!) and I'd like to know if anyone has any recommendations of mid-price restaurants that my girlfriend and I can go to. I like all kinds of cuisine (though pasta is a bit difficult to eat, as is rice). Are there any good places (not a chain) that don't look their nose down at sharing large portions or whose portions are on the small side anyway?
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You might look for a tapas restaurant. NY magazine's midtown tapas listings.
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Tapas is a great suggestion and I recommend Boqueria for Tapas.

There are several "small plate" restaurants because that was a trend a year or so ago and lots of restaurants offer different portion sizes.

One upscale restaurant I like a lot is the Bar Room at the Modern (MOMA).
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I'm sorry I can't offer you specific recommendations, but I can tell you that as a very small person, I have been sharing entrées, ordering appetizers as entrées, and/or taking home a large percentage of my dinner at a wide variety of restaurants for my whole life and I've really never had any trouble. Maybe I'm just oblivious, but I don't think anybody has looked down their nose at me. I don't think I've ever run in to a situation where my request to eat an appetizer for dinner or to get an "extra small" portion was received badly.
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