Examples of well-designed wikis?
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What are some examples of well-designed wikis (that break the mold of the traditional wiki look and feel)?

I'm doing research into wikis, to see if a site we currently maintain at work (labor-intensive, single author) could possibly be re-invented as a wiki. One of the dealbreakers, though, is the ability to customize the overall look and feel.

I found this prior Ask MeFi question, but I'm hoping there might be some newer examples out there.

So far, the best example I've seen has been the This Might Be a Wiki (for They Might Be Giants)... which uses MediaWiki. Seems to fit the bill, but would love to see some additional examples out there.

PS: Wikia seems to host some decent examples, but is out of the running since it seems to be more entertainment-centric.
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Davis Wiki
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Brant County in Ontario uses wikia to be a local history repository where people from the area can share photos and information. They have a nice looking site. Main page, cemeteries page, one specific cemetery page.
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