Printable NCAA Men's Tournament Brackets
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Looking to 'collect' NCAA Men's Basketball printable blank "brackets". Help me find some links/resources?

I know it may seem odd, but as a big Men's NCAA basketball fan that watches the March Madness tournament every year, I always have a printout of a bracket on hand with me at my home, office, etc. Over the years, I have printed and kept several of these in a folder and I like to look back at previous years and review the brackets.

Therefore, now I am trying to go back and located as many of these as I can (at least until 1992, when I started to REALLY follow the tournament). So I am looking for links to find previous NCAA tournament brackets online. PDF versions are my favourite, but some of the GIF versions are ok too, depending on the file.

Ultimately, I am looking to 'collect' as many of these blank brackets as I can - I don't want them filled out, just blank ones that are either a PDF or GIF so it will print a full page/sheet of paper.

If anyone can help me with this quest, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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This link has printable brackets for every year going back to the 1930s.
These are completed brackets - but you could pretty easily take a screen shot, and erase the brackets using paint (or some art program)
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Vanity Fair posted a well-composed NCAA bracket this year. The typefaces are atypical for your standard bracket.
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