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What's hip and cool in the modern-day synthpop scene?

I love classic synthpop: The Human League, DEVO, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Ultravox, etc. In the wake of watching the LCD Soundsystem livestream last night, I'd like to get more into the modern indie/alternative synthpop scene. I had LCD Soundsystem's discography already, and I'm checking out Hot Chip, but I would love to know what else is synthpoppy, and new out there. What suggestions do you have? I already know about Freezepop, Daft Punk and Phoenix.
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You'd really like the new Architecture in Helsinki album "Moment Bends". Their previous albums were very indie pop, but the new album is a total synth pop love letter.

You'd also like Cut Copy.
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Some songs/artist I've liked from the last five years are:

Annie - Anthonio - The Last V8
autoKratz - Always More
Margaret Berger - Samantha
Sally Shapiro - Find my soul
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Hot Chip
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The Knife. If you want to go more experimental definitely check out Neon Indian and Dan Deacon.
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LCD Soundsystem!
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Sorry, got excited and didn't finish reading your question. Glad you are aware of LCD Soundsystem! I also really like Erlend Oye/ The Whitest Boy Alive.
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Seconding Cut Copy.

Also, New Order. Most of the bands you listed heavily draw on their influence.
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Air France
Cut Copy
Crystal Castles
Cold Cave
Games / Ford & Lopatin
Hot Chip
Junior Boys
The Knife
Max Tundra
Memory Tapes
Passion Pit
Teengirl Fantasy
Twin Shadow
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My friend who's really into synthesizers, and whose advice I trust on what's good, just tweeted that the John Foxx and the Maths album is a "masterpiece".

Also seconding a bunch of the bands naju mentioned, particularly Cut Copy, Junior Boys, Glasser (was fantastic at SXSW), the Knife, M83, and Passion Pit.
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Disclaimer: I know these people

The Volt Per Octaves is the only one I know of who is still recording & gigging.

Malibu's "Robo Sapiens" is a great album full of synth goodness. (Malibu is Roger Manning Jr., formerly of Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, and The Moog Cookbook.)
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No Ladytron here yet? Ladytron.
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Just to add a few of my favorites to the list:

Future Islands
Twin Shadow (NSFW video) (already on here, but hugely seconded)
Bear in Heaven
Empire of the Sun (Not huge huge fans of them, but they totally scratch the synthpop itch sometimes)
Diamond Rings
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Ganymede, especially their LP Euromantique.
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Silk Flowers - Ltd. Form
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The Presets
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Goldfrapp - first album is all ethereal Portishead styles, then Black Cherry is stomping sexy synth love.
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Gordon Voidwell
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Lots of stuff in this thread from my playlist of the last year. I would also recommend:
Van She

If you like Cut Copy and The Presets, you'll like the above. They are all Australian synthpop/electropop bands. (Someone braver than me should do an FPP on whatever Australian music scene is producing such great music from a resurgent genre)
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You're going to love Datarock...
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More synthpop-ish:
Conjure One
Scissor Sisters (Video may be nsfw)

More EBM-ish:
VNV Nation
Ellen Allien
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Nthing Twin Shadow. Saw them play the other night and they were fantastic. Also, Ratatat and Mike Posner.
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You might like Wire's newest album. I browsed a few tracks on emusic, if you happen to have that.
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Client has that cold/sexy Human League sound.
Assemblage 23 is EBM dance-y, but seems to be going more in the Depeche Mode direction lately.
Ashbury Heights is a bit goth, but does remind me of Human League too.
Do yourself a favor and listen to Fairlight Children (YT Link to a cover of Soft Cell's "Bedsitter") They're a one-off Apoptygma Berzerk side project but chocked-full of synthpop goodness.
Wolfsheim is a great melancholy synth act. Sparrows and the Nightingales is just the best song ever to listen to when it's raining.
De/Vision is also very Depeche-Mode-y. Their video for Rage seems very influenced both musically and visually by DM.
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Seconding Black Cherry by Goldfrapp.
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