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What company makes these kinds of bird/lizard cages?

You walk into a PetCo and go to look at the lizards, snakes, or (sometimes) the birds. They have some large wooden stands with plexiglass fronts to house some of these animals.

What company makes these? Or where could I find well-made alternatives for a finch aviary?

(I am aware that I could make my own, but I'd prefer to look into buying something).

I have looked online, but it's difficult to tell the quality of these aviaries/stands or if they're easy to clean or what.
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A number of different companies make them, and some make custom orders. I found several promising leads by googling "nursing home aviary" (that's where I'm most familiar with seeing them). The Finch Aviary site has a detailed section about cleaning.
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I've seen them described as Acrylic bird enclosures. Google brings up a few examples.
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