Where can I find the right tuning pegs for a Fender Starcaster Acoustic?
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Fender Starcaster Acoustic: Can you help me find the right tuning pegs? (Picture links inside)

My wife bought our son a Fender Starcaster acoustic guitar from Costco for Christmas. Despite my initial doubts, it's a great sounding guitar.

Unfortunately, my son accidentally snapped off the thumbscrew part of one of the tuning pegs, so now it can't be tuned.

My google-fu for finding IT-related stuff is pretty good. For finding guitar parts, not so much. There seems to be a wide variety of Fender tuning pegs. Most of them are pretty expensive compared to the price of the guitar and I'm not confident at all that I would get the right set.

Here are pictures of the machine head: front and back

Thanks in advance for your help!

I know Costco has a generous return policy but I'm not taking it back because it's not their fault that he was careless.
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Tuning pegs aren't brand-specific. You probably can't just replace the part that snapped off; the whole mechanism is likely bad. Are you located such that you can take it to a music shop that does basic guitar repair and get the machine head replaced? Alternatively, you can buy a set of 6 if you're feeling handy and swap out the bad one, or all of them.
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Tuning pegs aren't brand-specific.

That's good news. The set you linked to is cheaper than what I've seen, so I'll just replace the whole set myself. Thanks!
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Stewart Macdonald.
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