Simple small biz bookkeeping software for a Mac?
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I need simple bookkeeping software for the Mac, and in a hurry.

I have a fairly simple business -- a blog with advertising revenue. Using Mac OS 10.6. I used to use Outright online but it is too simple and inflexible for my needs, and since dropping it late last year I've let my bookkeeping lag. So I need to get some software set up quickly to get everything sorted out in time for April 15.

Ideally it will be able to import data from Paypal and my bank account, ability to classify business expenses for tax purposes. I don't need anything fancy like double-entry bookkeeping or credit card processing or invoicing or payroll.

And I am an excel idiot so spreadsheets are not an option.
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The free version of Freshbooks may be worth a look. You can certainly classify expenses with it.
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Quickbooks is pretty much the standard for small business. Quickbooks does some importing, but it's worth calling their sales department or using their chat thing on the website to ask your specific questions. They seemed very knowledgeable and were able to answer a couple very obscure questions that I had when we upgraded to QB2010.
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I've used this a little... I think it has what you need:
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I beg to differ re. Quickbooks. It may be the standard for Windows small business accounting, but QuickBooks for Mac has some pretty significant features lacking from it that Intuit puts in the Windows version. Try taking a look at AccountEdge (formerly MYOB) for OS X instead. I use it to run my business (retail) and have found it rock-solid and quite easy to use.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, I realized that "accounting" or "bookkeeping" software was too complicated and that a robust personal money management program would do just fine. I ended up going with iBank, even though I have to import transactions manually. and its tagging would have been ideal if it didn't cap your imports at 3 months.

Xedrik, I did the online chat thing with Quicken and it was a disaster ... got a guy with poor English skills who said something like "I'm sorry but you can import from paypal. Paypal imports are not possible because they are not supported by your bank." Huh?! If that was indicative of their pre-sales support, I'd hate to see how they are once they have your money!
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