Java App monitoring
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What is a good way to monitor/control a Java application?

I need to come to a design decision. I have an application that currently has no UI that will run on multiple machines in different configurations. The application's state will change fairly regularly, lets say once per second. I would like to build a UI so that I can watch the applications running on multiple machines and sometimes send them commands if it's warranted.

What would be the best way to implement this? JMX and a proprietary plugin for VisualVM? A lightweight web server on each application and an Ajax implementation on a web server? Or something else? I don't have experience with either direction so before I pick one I would like some advice about pros/cons and experience with these or similar technologies.
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Is it worth considering RabbitMQ or a similar messaging system? I'm thinking you can push state notifications out, and interested apps can subscribe; similarly, it's nice infrastructure for pushing commands back.
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