Help me find a high-quality replacement for some cheap shoes
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These shoes are cheap and will fall apart soon. Help me find a nice leather version.

These cheap shoes from Aldo are my FAVOURITES EVER but, being cheap shoes from Aldo, will probably not last another month or two.

I doubt that there is an absolutely identical version in leather, so I might have to settle for 'similar'. The most important features are

A. thin, flat sole
B. pointy (or at least not completely rounded or snub) toe
C. the specific way the shoe comes up over the vamp with a delicate tie.

I'm not really into chunky shoes at all, and I would prefer something with a strap or a tie across the vamp since slip-on shoes tend to come off my feet when I walk. Aside from that anything that meets at least two of the above criteria will be appreciated. I'm willing to spend up to £150/$100, UK shipping preferred, but if that's not possible then I have family in the US who can buy them and post them to me.

Thank you!
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Response by poster: sorry that should have been £100/$150!
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Cute shoes!

Have you tried searching on eBay? The two relevant searches would probably be tie shoes and tie flats. (For some reason, the UK version isn't letting me do complex searches like the AU site does.) I saw several shoes with the vamp tie you require in the first pages of results.
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How about something like these from Office?
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Response by poster: Ooh thank you both! Essexjan, I'm ordering those on spec even though 4 (the only size available) is usually too small for me... because, leather and £20! Can't go wrong.
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Ahh, I knew I'd tried on shoes like this a few years ago, but I couldn't remember where.

Vaider by Ziara. They have a low heel, but they meet criteria B and C.

Ziera aren't cheap, but they're solidly made and incredibly comfortable. (The brand used to be called Kumfs, which gives you some idea of their origins.) I can't find a UK price, but in Australia they're $219 (£140), which would put them above what you want to spend. Maybe you could find them on sale sometime?
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If you would enjoy more ties -- "ghillies" would be a useful search term. (Here is the first hit for 'pointy ghillies' -- pity about the heel). They are usually dance shoes but you can find designers using the influence/term.
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They may not be as high-quality as you're looking for, but I've seen shoes like this at Urban Outfitters and ModCloth.
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These are nice, though they have a strap instead of a tie
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I own the exact shoes essexjan posted. I bought them on super-sale at Browns here in Canada because they were so cute, but I think there's a reason they were marked down... Unfortunately I find them extremely uncomfortable and get blisters every time I wear them. :( I hope you have better luck.
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Not those exact shoes but you might like shoes by Cydwoq. However, they're not $100. $100 shoes fall apart.
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