European festivals in July?
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I'm trying to find something offbeat/curious/adventurous/ quaint to do in Europe in mid-July. Any suggestions?

I'm meeting a friend an we'll have July 8 - 20 free to go wherever we please. We'll be based in London so closer to there is easier, but we're happy to travel too.

I'm having trouble finding something to do because the kind of things I want to find are quite varied overall but fairly specific in their own way. I'm hoping some fellow mefites may have events or festivals in mind that line up with what I'm after.

Things that would qualify:
- events dedicated to something a little odd or mundane - the Essex Biscuit Tin Collectors' Annual Ball, or a syposium for teapot enthusiasts.

- events/festivals for folk, gypsy, jazz, etc. music, or anything with dancing.

- anything involving dress-up or costumes, especially where lots of people get involved.

- a local event, probably small-scaled, that would be entertaining for an enthusiastic outsider.

I hope that gives a bit of an impression of what we're trying to find. Part of the problem is that it would be even better if it's something we didn't really know about beforehand - which makes discovering it tricky. In the past I've stumbled onto a celtic folk festival where we learnt dances and songs and so forth - not something I would have thought to go to, but something that was great fun if you're willing to throw yourself into it. I've tried googling for various festivals and so forth but haven't had much luck.

Any help's very much appreciated!
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Admittedly, this is a bit at the edge of what you're suggesting, I think, but worth a go:
My adopted town has a 4-day walking event at the end of that period, with a week of festivities. My understanding is that one doesn't take it lightly, as it's a fair bit of walking. The town is FILLED with people and there are non-walking festivities. The Wikipedia entry is here.
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I've found guidebooks to be very good at compiling this sort of stuff.

Here's one example.

A quick browse for festivals in July, I found the Riddu Riddu festival and the World Wife-carrying Championships
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If your dates are set, you'll miss the Port Eliot festival by a day, but that sounds like exactly what you're looking for. Literature, music, philosophy, foraging, movies and more.
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don't know if this would be of interest, but 17 july is the rare and traditional breeds show at the weald and downland open air museum north of chichester.
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