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Where can I get this light bulb and cord for an imported nightlight decoration?

This lavalamp style nightlight was imported from Norway, but was probably made elsewhere. My company gave away a bunch of them as premiums over the years and now we are getting inquiries as to where replacement light bulbs might be bought. The bulb's base is possibly a European gauge.

Also, the electrical cords have gone missing from some and replacements are also needed for them and they seem to have a very specific looking receptacle the end that plugs into the wall is U.S. configuration,

We don't have any more of the lamps except for one that I have at home. As an added bonus I was also missing the cord and my cat just broke the bulb while I was taking these pictures. Do you know where a similar or suitable replacement for either might be obtained? the bulb has to be the exact same shape or it won't fit.
I have looked at a lot of bulbs from different supply houses with no luck.
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Response by poster: To clarify, the cords plug in to U.S. outlets but the connection on the lamp that the female end plugs into is unusual.
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Best answer: It's hard to tell, but that looks to my untrained eye like your basic power cable like desktop PCs and monitors use, like this one. You'll need to actually get one to see, but that's what the configuration looks like to me.
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Best answer: And, as labeled, an E17 R-type bulb, like this
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Best answer: Replacement Light Bulbs sells the specialty bulbs required for lava lamps. From the labeling, your appears to be 30 Watt bulb, with an R39 reflector, and a E17 base (17mm). They sell that bulb for $4.95. With regards to the power connector, I agree with brainmouse, it looks an awful lot like a standard IEC power cable will work (Monoprice sells these for $1.44).
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Response by poster: Thank you Brainmouse, I somehow did not make the tiny mental leap from that label inside the bulb housing. It looks like The sliver pony shapes will dance accross the walls and cielings in their dark blue glow once more.
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Response by poster: And thanks RichardP.
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