Looking for an NPR program on Buddhist Funerals that played yesterday on an LA NPR station.
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On NPR in Los Angeles yesterday there was a segment on Buddhist funeral practices in Japan, and an interview with a Buddhist monk. What show was it? Is there a downloadable or listen-able on line version of it?

I'm doing a report on Buddhist funeral practices in Japan. (Buddhist specifically... Shinto is very interesting but not what the report I'm writing is about. ) Yesterday on an NPR station (I am not sure which one) there was a segment that included an interview with a buddhist monk about funeral practices. Does anyone know what show it was and if it's available online somewhere for listening? (I would be willing to purchase it but usually NPR offers their more popular programs for free listen)

Also, if anyone has any other cool, non-book, recent (but needn't be current events specific. I am looking for more general, traditional info and already have enough sources to cover the portion of the report where I must talk about funeral service in wake of the recent tragedies in Japan.) media about Buddhist funeral practices in Japan specifically please pass them along!
(yes I have already seen Departures and The Funeral.)
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Was it this interview?
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Response by poster: Huh. How did I overlook it on the NPR website when I looked? it seems very obvious. *derp.* I needed the info to cite it. Cool, thanks!
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A friend of mine wrote this essay about her family's Buddhist temple and crematorium (which happens to be very near where the tsunami hit -- they are sadly overwhelmed with business lately):

Letter from a Japanese Crematorium
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Thank you for that link, Artifice_Eternity. Moving.
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Oh, and she also just wrote this for the New Yorker.
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